Current Rates
Todays Prime:6.70  
TermBroker Bank
6 Month: 5.80 7.25
1 Year: 6.05 7.09
2 Year: 5.74 6.59
3 Year: 4.84 6.44
4 Year: 5.24 6.34
5 Year: 4.34 6.34
6 Year: N/A N/A
7 Year: 6.29 7.00
10 Year: 6.58 7.49
No Down: N/A N/A
Variable 1: 5.80 N/A
Local: 1 - 403 - 313 - 0606
Toll Free: 1 - 877 - 699 - 0719
Updated: May 01, 2023

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Pre Approved Mortgage

A pre approved mortgage or mortgage pre approval, allows you to know how much of a mortgage you qualify for, how much of a house you can afford and how much your mortgage payments would be based on what you want to spend to purchase your home. 

When you pre qualify for a mortgage, you get a guaranteed rate for 120 days. If mortgage interest rates rise, you have a locked in rate. If mortgage interest rates drop, you will automatically get the lower rate.

When getting pre qualified for a home loan, a mortgage pre approval will give you an idea of what purchase price you want to spend to get the payments you are comfortable with. A pre approved mortgage makes the seller feel more confident by knowing that you are a serious buyer and gives you more leverage when negotiating a purchase price for your new home.

Start your online application today or contact Western Canada Mortgage at 1-877-699-0719 to speak with a Mortgage Broker who will explain the different mortgage products available, and help you to determine the best pre approved mortgage that is right for you.

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